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Friday, October 23, 2020

Google Earth File 

Welcome Back Everyone!

Glad to see you again!

I must apologize for the delay in the posts, I have suffered a back injurie and have not  been able to get back out there and explore to share with you.

This saddens me, as I love to go out and then share the sites with all of you! 

I do have some pictures from our last exploration out that I would like to share with you today!

This is from an area just out side of Montana City called McClellan Creek area.

First though....BIG NEWS! 

Going to be launching a new site soon that will have tons of pictures, locations, etc. Coming soon so watch for it!

Back to todays post! I hope you enjoy them!

Wonderful Split rock on top of the outcropping! 

We saw some examples of "stacking" (to the left) and standing stones ( to the right)!

We saw the natural cracking starting on this outcropping that will eventually lead to what is call "Stacking" or "Walls" that look constructed but are in fact natural.

My dog Penny checking out this interesting stacking, rounded boulder on top of a flat surface. We have run into similar formations around the Batholith.

No onto some of the good stuff! First two pictures are of the "Couch" we discovered! Has a wonderful "Beak" from the back side!

Here we see where someone had stacked up boulders in order to get on top, not old.

From the top you can see the front side of the "Beak" is making up parts of the couches back rest! Perfectly flat up there and a great place to enjoy the scenery! 
From the couch we looked just right of us and saw this enormous megalith teetering on the edge about to fall over and create a brand new "dolmen". It is not beyond the realm of possibility that our ancestors on this land could have pushed this type of thing over altering the landscapes and creating "Dolmens" that we now find! Food for thought....

A close up of just how far this enormous stone has already moved on its own!

And that one wasn't even the biggest we found! Scale is hard I know but these stones were absolute the biggest I have run into! And if you look above and below you'll see the same stones moving towards the edge, I.E. natural forcing at work!

We also discovered some interesting "Cup" indentations located at two separate locations but were almost identical in size and shape! Now if they were natural I would expect them to vary more in size and shape, what do you think?

Then we found this guy! A fantastic stack that had a entrance, support walls and could definitely be used as a shelter! There were two suspended stones in the doorway. One lower(is suspect had fallen there) and one on top (the lentil of shorts).

Here was a great example of natural fracturing and how it can create these slices that look man made to some! Looks like the tree fell and cut the rock, doesn't it!?

Trail tree near a small stack.
Well I hope you enjoyed my last trip out! More to come! We have a new website, new merch, and new maps all coming soon! 

History is shifting folks and we are along for the ride, so don't look away! 

As always below download your free Google Earth map and go exploring for yourself! 

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