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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Welcome Back Everyone!

Been a bit of a delay but we finally made it to

The Sage Mountain Center and got to hike up to see

their famous "Rock Wall"!

First I must say the trails were excellent and very well maintained and totally worth the trip and price to go on the hike!

If your interested in visiting check out for more information!

Here are some of the great pics and video I took while on the trip, Enjoy!

And as always get your free Google Earth Download down below and start exploring!

Let me know what you think in the comments! 

Here we go!

Well we have to start at the wall itself!

Amazing rock formation probably 50yards long and looks like it was stacked there.
Of course the only way to prove it would be to check the magnetic directions of the particles and that would require drilling multiple core samples and I am guessing they wont let us! lol

I tried to get as many different angles for you to see but it is impossible to get it all in one shot!

First couple of shots!
Great shot of the wall and its apparent stacking!

You can see how long and straight the wall is.

Shows signs of stacking with smaller stones on top of larger boulders but still aligned together!

Missing Section of the top section. 

Here you can see the natural fracturing continuing. 

Piece connecting two sections.

Two great shots of the wall from the top looking down hill at the wall!
It is worth saying that this wall runs down hill along a ridge line.


We also got to see some amazing rock formations that reminded me of the how the Tizer Dolmen may have formed! At least that's what popped to mind!

Besides WOW of course! Such a cool formation. 

Let's take a look!

There was a little mini on both sides too!
I have some video that I would like to share. Will work on a new Video now!

Thanks for stopping by, I would love to hear you comments!
 What are we looking at here?

Natural Formation?
Let me know your thoughts!

See you next time!!

Here's the link!