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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Welcome back everyone!

I can not believe its been a month since my last post!
Wee all had to deal with the current pandemic and I hope you all came through it ok!
Good Vibes to all during this time!

I have a lot of new stuff to show but today I would like to show you what I consider the 1%!
What do I mean by 1%? Well as I get to explore more and more sites most of them can be explained easily with the little knowledge I have acquired about geology.

We have already disproven the geopolymer idea by sending a sample to Minnesota University for testing. It came back as weathered granite no geopolymer. We did take three samples from various sites to get the best results and it was the same for all three, so I am confident in saying that there is no geopolymer holding stones together or covering stones found in the Boulder Batholith.

As for other theories presented regarding the rock structures found in the Batholith we are always working to either verify or see if there is another explanation for there formations! 

So the 1%, the 1% as I call it are the formations found that do not fit the geological standard model. Thusly they should be examined more carefully and it should be done by geologists and archeologist!

So sit back, scroll down and hopefully have your minds blown!
Don't forget there is a google earth download at the bottom showing you many location to go and explore! 
Please, go and explore and make up your own mind about these!

History is Shifting folks and we are along for the ride!

So lets start with probably one of the most know structures out here, the Tizer Dolmen. Named for the area and the person who showed everyone where it was.
I will say this, it has nothing to do with Tizer Botanical Gardens!
Please do not stop and ask them where this is!

You wont have to because I will show you where to go!

Tizer Dolmen
This is a fantastic structure no two ways around it!

 Almost to the top of the hill with no other large outcroppings of rock around it! So how did it get there and why? 
The main two stones were clearly one stone at a point and split down the middle leaving just a slit you can see between them. The lentil on top does not seem to match the lower stones. So we have to ask if it was constructed, why did they do it in such a remote and difficult area? What purpose did it serve? It certainly wasn't shelter or food storage or a burial chamber, so then why? 
Also we always ask how could this have been formed naturally? Could a flood or glacier placed the lentil on top with out knocking over the standing stones? Lastly we have to ask if they are sitting there or continue underground!
Either way this is a beautiful site and an amazing rock structure!

What do you think??

So I know your asking, where is this?
Well I am going to not only give you direction but a map to follow!
Please be respectful of the forest, large groups do a lot of damage to the area so small groups are the best! 

This is also a tough area to hike in so be ready!

Lets start with GPS Location first: 
46:22':7.08" North
111:58':17.09" West

So where is that you might ask so lets get a map out!

So this short video will give you direction on where to park!

The map below gives a rough estimate of the path to follow to get to the Tizer Dolmen!

There are many locations on my google earth file for other amazing rock structures and outcroppings in this area!

 Please make sure you are on public land and not private!

Now on to the Next Site!
This is a personal favorite of mine!
This spot sits on a small hill side, with a compass heading of 127 degrees South East!
Some have theorized that this site is an equinox marker!
We have been out once, cloudy of course but plan to return for the summer solstice!
Here is some of the work that was done to see if it could possibly be a compass!

Google Earth Shot of the site!

 Google Earth picture showing what appears to be a ring around the site!

These were done for us showing the possible sunrise for the Winter Solstice, if there were not mountains in the way! 
This shows and overlay of a basic map for finding Equinox and Solstice Alignments!
As you can see although not exactly lined up the site may have an Equinox Alignment!
We will find out the morning of the Equinox! 
Trip on!

Shot from the road looking up! 
Up close, the pointing rock was not wedged in there upon closer inspection but occurred when the rock split and fell over. You can see on the left of the picture. 

 Up close of the point!

 So lets do location, right! 
Of course!

GPS coordinates!
46:10':25.52" North
112:6':35.54" West

This can be found south of Boulder on White Tail Rd! Fair waring this area is under construction as they widen the road this summer 2020, weekends are the best time to go!

*Side Note: Taking a trip down North White Tail Rd. South of Boulder is one of the BEST place to go exploring!
 I will be showing more sites along this road as we go!

So lets look at the directions to get here!
Here again is a short video showing you exactly how to get there! Enjoy!

Here is a pic of that map if you want to print one out!

Ok, so we are going to call this part one of the 1%'ers!
I want to be as detailed as possible but not drag out this post forever, so I will break this up into several parts!

So let's do one more!
Now this is an area full of things to explore! 
I will post locations and pictures and again a map and video of how to get there and what you might just find!
It's name, well to us it doesn't have one because the name given to this site by others was as we found out actually stolen!
You may have heard it called "Giants Playground" however this term has been used before in several locations across the globe! 
Got a name for this site, let us know! 

First off lets take a look at some of the amazing rock formations in one place that I have found! Natural or not is up to you! We have found many obviously natural sites but some are more interesting than the others! You decide!

First off some interesting formations. The one to the left we call Puzzle Rock, for obvious reasons and the one to the left "The Fossilized Banna Chair"! Because even neolithic people needed a place to sit and play RockBox! ;)

Here we have something very cool to see but you decide! Some have called the one on the right a "robotic watcher" so after Brett the watcher from the podcasts The Brothers of the Serpent Podcast I have named him the "Fossilized Watcher"! 
To the right you'll see what appears to be the image of a bird, possibly and Ibis, an Egyptian symbol!
You decide, natural or constructed?

The famous "Foot Print" that we discovered! It was about twice the size of my hiking boot! Alas it is in granite and according to the geology of the area the last time this rock would have been molten or softened was around 60-80 million years ago....soooo. Still makes you wonder! 

We call this the multi room "Dolmen".
 It actually has three separate rooms in one formation!

Two fine examples of the type of rock formation, i.e. Dolmens you can find here!
The one on the left was the first I ever found on my own! I dubbed it "Fred's House" after the Flintstones! 

Here on the left we have a suspended stone in the "door way" of the Dolmen!
The picture on the right was at the very top of an outcropping, almost looks placed and balanced there! 

This is one of the biggest "Dolmens"  we have yet to come across!
The picture to the right shows the outside wall of the structure. Two giant standing stones. On the left you can see how stack the stones to the right are to make the lentil on top flat! That's my 8 yr old inside for perspective! Also notice the little Evergreen tree Sprouting from a tiny crack in the rock! 
Absolutely amazing!

Two fascinating "Dolmens"!
The one on the left has a nice walk way and possible marking stone at its entrance in the back of the picture.
The picture on the right is interesting because if you look closely the left side is being supported by many smaller stones almost seemingly placed under to balance the lentil.

 The "Vault"! 
Some claim that there is a map of Pangea on the lighter colored stones. When it was examined closely it was found to be either a reddish color lichen or simply iron in the rocks, will have to put under a microscope to find out for sure! 
Other claims that the lighter stones are also Pink granite. This is also false it just shows a difference in erosion patterns. The second picture is from the side of this. It is certainly a interesting formation which I plan to explore and map more toughly!
Besides all this this site deserves more investigation!

So how do you get here, well its very simple!
Just keep heading south on North White Tail Rd. South of Boulder past the compass.
Ill put a map and GPS coordinates up for the parking area, then just go explore south of the parking area! If you would like any specific locations please feel free to email me at:! 

GPS for parking area:
46.14 North
112.11 West

Map from Helena to Parking location!

Here is a video that will take you to the parking area and also show you where the best place to explore are! 

As always feel free to hit me up via email, Twitter @HistoryShift, on Instagram @ HistoryShift, on YouTube and on FaceBook! Would love to hear your stories and adventures!

History is Shifting folks, and we are along for the ride!

Google Earth File with Pictures and Locations!
Download for free and start exploring!