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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Hello again everyone! 

Today I'll be sharing a couple of really interesting sites that are I believe previously unclaimed!
 As silly as that sounds! 

Theses finds go strictly to Jason, Doyle, and of course Russel! Well done gentleman. They were kind enough to show me this "Fairy Fortress"! 
These pics were from my last hike!

First little guy I found greeting us on the way up!

46  : 29' 47.08" North
111 : 54' 5.44" West

Then I found this on the side of the Fortress, I found this very interesting, like they were carving bricks and the top one was missing! Very cool! 
But was it just a trick of fracturing and erosion? 
Looking closely I saw no signs of the rock being tampered with artificially, in fact the rocks closer to the bottom were still attached and had yet to fall away.

 It is still a very fun feature admire! 

46  : 29' 57.97" North
111 : 54' 44.09" West

We called this guy "UFO" rock since it looked like a UFO just landed up there! Looks like Bigfoot left his Pizza Boxes out to long!
46  : 29' 57.83" North
111 : 54' 42.66" West

Looks like Bigfoot left his Pizza Boxes out to long! 
Pizza Box Rocks! They were all separate too...hmmm.
46  : 29' 59.31" North
111 : 54' 44.61" West

The Grand Finally...…. "FAIRY FORTRESS"!

 I cannot express the utter size of this Rock Outcropping.....The size of 5-6 story house and several combined! 

It was huge, and there was no way we were getting up there! Though not for a lack of trying!

I hope more people can get to check this place out!

Front side. 

Back Side.
46  : 29' 58.76" North
111 : 54' 42.77" West

*One interesting thing we have been doing on all our hikes is to take compass bearings at different rock outcroppings as we hike. 
The reason for this is that we are finding that the natural placement and erosion of the granite has a consistent alignment. 
Now I am no expert but unless "they" placed every boulder in a National Forest it makes the natural explanation make more sense. 
Now who's to say that these were not found along time ago and manipulated, but I still have found no evidence of this.

 I hope you enjoyed today and I hope to see you out there hiking! 

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Tuesday, April 7, 2020


So as Spring is at our door step and with the quarantine still going on here in Montana it is the perfect time to get out and do some exploring!

The area i will be showing today is in Jefferson County just below the famous Tizer Dolmen!

*Don't forget to download your copy of Dolmen sites across the Boulder Batholith at the end of the post! Go exploring and please share and make up your own minds!*

Please be aware if you go exploring these can be very steep areas so please be smart and stay safe! 

 I was  not able to post the videos up on here like I had wanted, so here is a link to a short video I made that has all the clips together! Enjoy!!

Next let me show you the path I took on this hike!

Covered two mountain sides at different elevations looking for differences in the rocks and differences in the patterns and locations of rock outcroppings! 

First lets look at this very nice trilithon of what appears to be stacking of these boulders! I was impressed, let me know what you think!

This was discovered by a group of friends of mine hiking near the Tizer Dolmen! Great Find Russ, Jason and Doyle!! 
Here's the coordinates! 
46 - 8 - 41.27 N
112 - 6 - 50.70 W