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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Well Welcome Back 
Sorry for the big lag in posting! 
Winter makes exploration just a little harder!

We've been so luck this year and have access to several areas that normally would not be accessible at this point in the winter! I'm going to try to squeeze two trips in here for you all! 

We will be looking at two areas today. First is and area just South of Butte, Mt called Pipestone and it is along the continental divide to give you an idea how high up we were!

The second area is a place outside Clancy called Sheep Mountain!
Love to hear your thoughts!

This is an absolutely favorite area for us and you'll see why!

 Great little Dolmen!
 Perfect place to ride out a storm!

 Found this amazing Balancing stone, look below for how little it was perched on! 
and yes we pushed a little to see if it would did not! 

 Amazing fracturing pattern found on this huge boulder!

 Very nice Dolmen but very hard to access, very natural!

 Another great outcropping!

This was sent to me and we had it on GPS but unfortunately we did not quite make it! 
Next time for sure!
There is some great video that I am working on too! 
More to come, and now...


 First, just had to show our Giants Foot Print!
It was twice the size of our hands large!
However this is in he walked over it while it was still covered in 
molten material its unlikely but fun! 

Wonderful Tri Dolmen, no easy source for the lentil on top....hmmm

 Can you spot all three Dolmen in this outcropping?
The most interesting was the top ones lintel and its unique design!

 It was Diamond shaped with a nice 'nub' in the center, with a overhang rock above!
 We will definitely be back to scale this rock outcropping, but it was a little slick that day.

 Another we HAVE to go back for! This outcropping was huge and the lentil was enormous as well!
It is hard to see, but that's why we are going back! This was like a stone fortress!

Very cool!

Hope you all enjoyed the photos, any question or if you want to visit please contact me on here or Twitter! 

Thanks for stopping by!


Don't forget if you want to go exploring please download the google earth file and check out these areas for your self! 

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