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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Hello again everyone! 

Today I'll be sharing a couple of really interesting sites that are I believe previously unclaimed!
 As silly as that sounds! 

Theses finds go strictly to Jason, Doyle, and of course Russel! Well done gentleman. They were kind enough to show me this "Fairy Fortress"! 
These pics were from my last hike!

First little guy I found greeting us on the way up!

46  : 29' 47.08" North
111 : 54' 5.44" West

Then I found this on the side of the Fortress, I found this very interesting, like they were carving bricks and the top one was missing! Very cool! 
But was it just a trick of fracturing and erosion? 
Looking closely I saw no signs of the rock being tampered with artificially, in fact the rocks closer to the bottom were still attached and had yet to fall away.

 It is still a very fun feature admire! 

46  : 29' 57.97" North
111 : 54' 44.09" West

We called this guy "UFO" rock since it looked like a UFO just landed up there! Looks like Bigfoot left his Pizza Boxes out to long!
46  : 29' 57.83" North
111 : 54' 42.66" West

Looks like Bigfoot left his Pizza Boxes out to long! 
Pizza Box Rocks! They were all separate too...hmmm.
46  : 29' 59.31" North
111 : 54' 44.61" West

The Grand Finally...…. "FAIRY FORTRESS"!

 I cannot express the utter size of this Rock Outcropping.....The size of 5-6 story house and several combined! 

It was huge, and there was no way we were getting up there! Though not for a lack of trying!

I hope more people can get to check this place out!

Front side. 

Back Side.
46  : 29' 58.76" North
111 : 54' 42.77" West

*One interesting thing we have been doing on all our hikes is to take compass bearings at different rock outcroppings as we hike. 
The reason for this is that we are finding that the natural placement and erosion of the granite has a consistent alignment. 
Now I am no expert but unless "they" placed every boulder in a National Forest it makes the natural explanation make more sense. 
Now who's to say that these were not found along time ago and manipulated, but I still have found no evidence of this.

 I hope you enjoyed today and I hope to see you out there hiking! 

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Tuesday, April 7, 2020


So as Spring is at our door step and with the quarantine still going on here in Montana it is the perfect time to get out and do some exploring!

The area i will be showing today is in Jefferson County just below the famous Tizer Dolmen!

*Don't forget to download your copy of Dolmen sites across the Boulder Batholith at the end of the post! Go exploring and please share and make up your own minds!*

Please be aware if you go exploring these can be very steep areas so please be smart and stay safe! 

 I was  not able to post the videos up on here like I had wanted, so here is a link to a short video I made that has all the clips together! Enjoy!!

Next let me show you the path I took on this hike!

Covered two mountain sides at different elevations looking for differences in the rocks and differences in the patterns and locations of rock outcroppings! 

First lets look at this very nice trilithon of what appears to be stacking of these boulders! I was impressed, let me know what you think!

This was discovered by a group of friends of mine hiking near the Tizer Dolmen! Great Find Russ, Jason and Doyle!! 
Here's the coordinates! 
46 - 8 - 41.27 N
112 - 6 - 50.70 W

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Well Welcome Back 
Sorry for the big lag in posting! 
Winter makes exploration just a little harder!

We've been so luck this year and have access to several areas that normally would not be accessible at this point in the winter! I'm going to try to squeeze two trips in here for you all! 

We will be looking at two areas today. First is and area just South of Butte, Mt called Pipestone and it is along the continental divide to give you an idea how high up we were!

The second area is a place outside Clancy called Sheep Mountain!
Love to hear your thoughts!

This is an absolutely favorite area for us and you'll see why!

 Great little Dolmen!
 Perfect place to ride out a storm!

 Found this amazing Balancing stone, look below for how little it was perched on! 
and yes we pushed a little to see if it would did not! 

 Amazing fracturing pattern found on this huge boulder!

 Very nice Dolmen but very hard to access, very natural!

 Another great outcropping!

This was sent to me and we had it on GPS but unfortunately we did not quite make it! 
Next time for sure!
There is some great video that I am working on too! 
More to come, and now...


 First, just had to show our Giants Foot Print!
It was twice the size of our hands large!
However this is in he walked over it while it was still covered in 
molten material its unlikely but fun! 

Wonderful Tri Dolmen, no easy source for the lentil on top....hmmm

 Can you spot all three Dolmen in this outcropping?
The most interesting was the top ones lintel and its unique design!

 It was Diamond shaped with a nice 'nub' in the center, with a overhang rock above!
 We will definitely be back to scale this rock outcropping, but it was a little slick that day.

 Another we HAVE to go back for! This outcropping was huge and the lentil was enormous as well!
It is hard to see, but that's why we are going back! This was like a stone fortress!

Very cool!

Hope you all enjoyed the photos, any question or if you want to visit please contact me on here or Twitter! 

Thanks for stopping by!


Don't forget if you want to go exploring please download the google earth file and check out these areas for your self! 

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Hello Everyone and Welcome Back!

What I would like to show today was or trip to a possible ancient compass found in the Boulder Batholith just South of Boulder Mt. on North Whitetail Rd.
This was the location of the site we visited, we were checking for Winter Solstice alignments with the top point and also another site said to have these alignments as well within 20 yards  of this site!

We arrived at about 7:30 a.m. as sunrise was at 8:04 a.m. That being said we didn't see the sun come over the mountains till about 8:30 a.m.
 Side view of the site!
As you can see the clouds were not behaving but we were still able to get calculations. If this site has any alignments I wouldn't be surprised if they were Lunar and Solar! Something else we are working on!

We took a lot of measurements of direction the site points and then measure where the sun rose. Now we were just checking the Winter Solstice alignments and will have to go back re-measure again on the Spring Equinox!

From the map we found online we could not collaborate their results, in fact we were able to completely disprove the given directions on that map, even had a completely random line drawn on it! 
Never trust, always verify! 

This is the top of the standing stone with what appears to be a pointer on top. Now I will disclose that in the rocks that have fallen over in front of it we were able to match where the stone broke to form the point. Also we examined the point to see if it was part of the rock or added. Our conclusion was that it was part of the rock and could not be removed or moved in any way. 

Now, I am no archeologist but I can read a compass! We took lots of pictures and are still working on a map to see if there is any actual alignments to this site or not! I'm sure you can see the implications of both! We need to determine if this a natural formation or something that was constructed!

So as we speak I am working on developing a accurate map of the suns cycle and it's relation to this site. If anyone is adept at this please contact me! 

One thing we did find interesting was when we went to other sites in the area that morning we discovered something, well interesting! All sites we measured had the same general compass directions. That being between 123 and 127 degrees SE! 
Held this directly pointing they way of the site to show. Weird thing is a lot of sites have this exact or close same alignment. Prof of Natural Features or Prof of some kind of alteration to the sites?!    
  What do you think??

With that being said most would say they are natural formation that all rose to the surface facing the same general direction, just like how you see rock layers that always run the same way etc. That doesn't mean however that these sites were modified by whomever was around or it just adds to the natural theory. 

More to come as we get a map made! 
See you next time, and make sure to let me know what you think!

I apologize that I can not show you the map we were working off of because of copyright issues, so we will be making our own map show if any, alignments to this site! 

Here is some more sites we explored that day and their compass directions! Enjoy!

Notice the Sun hits directly on the stacked stone to the left, lighting it up in the morning! This site also had the same general direction!

We also found these two interesting formation, thought we had found another example of Pink Granite mixed in but it was just how it had weathered when we got up close just like another site that looks familiar to it!

 You can see how it is protected by the stone above, thus changing how that rock will show erosion! 

Also a nice little Dolmen!

Check out the small support rocks holding up one side! Very interesting!

Well I hope you have enjoyed our journey of discovery up here in the Boulder Batholith of Montana! 

Don't forget to download your free Google Earth File!
It has tons of great areas to go explore with pictures and locations! I will be updating this soon as we have many new sites to share with everyone!
Go exploring and let us know what you think!

History is Shifting Folks and We Are Just Along For the Ride!

See you next time, with some Maps!

Thursday, January 2, 2020





46: 22' 14.87
112: 0' 48.89