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Sunday, November 3, 2019

Hello again everybody! 
Not too much to share, been busy working on compiling and creating a series of YouTube Videos on The Boulder Batholith and it's contents! DUN DUn Dunnnnn! 

Anyways got a tip from my hiking buddies on location I had seen pictures of but never went looking for but wanted to find, well...
drum roll please....drrrrrrr…...
Found it! 
Sorry for the power lines in the shots but you can see how close the road this is! Just before Refrigerator Canyon!
So some say it resembles and eagle and formed to look this way by .......somebody, so do you think it was created and now just eroded away???
....hmmm, ya we thought so! 
Still very cool mountain to go explore! and I plan too! I also found and eye though the rock! Its coming up! 

So called "Eagle Mountain" But it like looking at pictures in clouds folks! 
Cave on lower section!

Hard to see but it has two levels. With multiple magmatic intrusions!

 Black run off from water. Either poop or a  fungus that is common on these rocks!

Interesting Spire, worth checking with drone.

 You can see the flowing magma still 80 million years later.

 Not sure here...going back for sure!

And then the eye opened up for me!

As you come around the corner, you start to see light....

And then it grows! Bam, it opens up!

It opens up into a huge area!

I'm going back! Expect more to come! 
Thanks and good hunting everyone!

Also I am now on Patreon!
Please click the link and help with our research into ancient megaliths! 
We need equipment and experts in certain fields to get to the bottom of these amazing rock structures!
Your support goes towards the actual exploration costs i.e. gas and equipment i.e. bear spray! 
So if you can give, we appreciate it, if not we understand and still love you!

G'night all!

P.S. Don't foregt to download your google earth file and start exploring and sharing!

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