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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Weirdness in the Woods!

Through all my hiking across Montana I have never quite run into something like THIS!

There is a video and pictures below, please let me know what you think it is!

Took it to the forest service and their local geologist had no idea and guessed sap ball?!? I posted it on Twitter and got a various of ideas including burnt coal, from a kiln, etc. 

So I took it to Carrol College, they seemed very interested and they believe it may be a Fulgurite! They are doing testing as we speak! 

Here is what we know about it. It is extremely hard, wont burn even if a torch is put to it, it doesn't melt with heat either. There is a lot of rock and pine needles inside it, it is not magnetic and metal detector found nothing! Water does seem to have some softening properties but that's debatable at the moment, could just be dirt softening.

So let me hear your thoughts, what is this??

Here is a short video of when I found it.

Found some chunks of it stashed away under a rock showing that someone had already messed with them.

Don' for get to download your .kmz file for "Dolmen" locations so you to can go exploring!

.kmz fil for Google Earth with locations


  1. If that was fulgurite, it must've been from a huge blast that sent slag flying. Which is insane.

  2. Def! I have two geologists and all of Carrol College trying to figure it out, first one wins and gets to name it! lol