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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Welcome Back Everyone!
I have something super special to share with you all today!

The TIZER Dolmen!!
I have been hunting for this one for a long time and finally getting to see it was amazing!

More photos to enjoy!

It stands over 40' tall with no other rock outcropping around it!

Here are two short videos!

Enjoy these pics and videos! 
Let me hear your thoughts!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Weirdness in the Woods!

Through all my hiking across Montana I have never quite run into something like THIS!

There is a video and pictures below, please let me know what you think it is!

Took it to the forest service and their local geologist had no idea and guessed sap ball?!? I posted it on Twitter and got a various of ideas including burnt coal, from a kiln, etc. 

So I took it to Carrol College, they seemed very interested and they believe it may be a Fulgurite! They are doing testing as we speak! 

Here is what we know about it. It is extremely hard, wont burn even if a torch is put to it, it doesn't melt with heat either. There is a lot of rock and pine needles inside it, it is not magnetic and metal detector found nothing! Water does seem to have some softening properties but that's debatable at the moment, could just be dirt softening.

So let me hear your thoughts, what is this??

Here is a short video of when I found it.

Found some chunks of it stashed away under a rock showing that someone had already messed with them.

Don' for get to download your .kmz file for "Dolmen" locations so you to can go exploring!

.kmz fil for Google Earth with locations

Monday, August 5, 2019


Very special post today everyone! 
Yesterday I got to share these wonderful "structures" called Dolmens with my oldest son who has been begging me to go hiking, so we did! He had a blast and is asking me everyday to go again! Guess I've got a hiking partner! Here are some great photos we took with some explanation behind them! 

Just a reminder the locations I have mapped so far is still a free .kmz file which I will link below!

I am working on an updated version to include rock structures and standing or marking stones! I have at least another 40 sites I want to add!



 One of my favorite and biggest Dolmens! Its huge with stacking/balancing stones with a great little lintel on top! My son held it open for me! ;)

Wonderful side Dolmen, balanced between two stones with a clear stacked boulder on the left.
This ones tricky because if you could see above and to the left, where it came from is obvious how it got there is not so much. A simple lever could have tipped it over.
 Still very cool to check out!

Side view of the two side stones of the rock formation. This photo doesn't do them justice for the size of these mega boulders! 

My son thought it looked like a ducks bill! Quack Rock? 

This is a fantastic Dolmen that can be found at the same place as 1 and 2 on my google earth map. (Free download below.) It has an interesting design. Sometimes you can see where the boulders crack and break and fall over creating Dolmen like structures. This is not one of those. This is in the 2% I always claim that cannot be explained naturally. Very neat site with lots to view! 

This is a shot of the lower and upper sections of the two part lentil system. It has been claimed that the erosion marks you see going around the underside of the boulder are from them being cased in some kind of cement. This was evaluated by a geologist who's conclusion was it was nothing more than very weathered granite. you can see how water running down and around the top would create such a weathering pattern. But we know of course it is nothing more than the magma that these boulders were covered in when they were pushed to the surface some 70-80 million years ago. 

Here it is a little closer up and without the glare.

Notice above my son on the left picture? Interesting face coming out of there! Fun little proper Dolmen my son found exploring and wanted his picture in it! Of course! 

I hope you all enjoyed todays little story we had a blast and you can too!
I approach these amazing structures from a scientific point of view. I am focusing on the geology, archeology, and history of the region to see if there is any explanation for these other than completely natural.  If that's not what your into, great! I try to be open to everyone's point of view.

I openly share all my information as I find it with the Helena and Beaver Head National Forest Services and the public. This will never change!
Go explore and share what you find so that others may enjoy them!