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Monday, July 29, 2019

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

Back to another installment by HistoryShift!

First off  sorry its been awhile since I posted last. It has been a busy summer! Out playing with the family. getting to go to places like The Lewis and Clark Caves, Ringing Rocks, Lake Delmoe, Sapphire Hunting, Crystal Hunting and of course Dolmen Hunting!

I've also had the pleasure of continuing my work with The Brothers of the Serpent Podcast and turning them into YouTube videos! Check these guy out they are Hilarious and Wise! ;)

Also MAKE SURE to check out Grimerica for some thought provoking amazing conversations and interviews! 

I have some new photos I'll share and then repost with a little description!

Remember the Google Earth File can still be downloaded on my last post!

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Sunday, July 7, 2019

Dolmens Come To Google Earth

Dolmens Come To Google Earth!
So I have been collecting all the data and coordinates for the locations that I have found. I've complied and will continue to update locations as I find more! Go exploring and make up your own mind!
If your interested in a copy just click the link below and Ill email it out to you!