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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Hello! Welcome!
Thought it was time to introduce myself a little better and share some short videos I have taken exploring!
No more hiding.
 It's time these came to the light!
 Enjoy, see you below!

First, an introduction and a great video of  the 2nd "Dolmen" found.

This was actually my second "Dolmen" I found in January 2019. You can hear the excitement and lack of breath as the cold Montana air plus a vigorous hike in knee deep snow (I bought snow shoes the day after this)!
 It is still one of my very favorite places and one I wish to protect. Notice the little fir growing out of the right side. Which do you think will damage it. A group of 30-40+ people visiting at a time or small independent groups.
 Your call, you know mine!

"Freds House" 1st "Dolmen" I found!
This was taken from the entrance of the very first "Dolmen" I ever came to find. Please again excuse the excitement but I'm sure you can see why.
I've called this one "Fred's House" after the Flintstones just from the resemblance! Bad joke with my father.
 This one is interesting but you can see how easy it would be for over millions of years some of these could have been formed by nature!
These amazing "Rock Castles" have been around for 90 million winters, 90 million springs, 90 million years of earth quakes, upheavals, catastrophe that we can only imagine at yet here they are for us to wonder at. I wish I could show you more of the rock outcroppings so you could see how this could be formed by nature and I to plan to in the future!

Here is the location of these two. They are in the same rock outcropping. Fairly easy hike! Enjoy and please respect our National Forests!
Head south of Boulder and take Whitetail Rd. and you should see them on your left heading south and on your right headed north! This area is absolutely FULL of amazing stones that I have probably only explored a very, very small percent of, yet I have found so much! Ooops cats outta the bag! You want to see amazing rock structures head out Whitetail Rd or Little Boulder Rd. south of Boulder Mt. Please be respectful of private land and of National Forests!
That was just a start!
 Blogger will only let me do two at a time sorry!
But I plan on releasing new videos as soon as I am able on here!
Thanks so much coming!
Please go adventure and share what your find! Who know's what we can do together!
You can find me on Twitter/Instagram/YouTube @ HistoryShift! You can email me now at! Also
Also please, please, please,
check out my good friends Russ and Kyle from "The Brothers of the Serpent" podcasts! They are absoulteyl amazing and they will blow your mind!
 Links below!

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