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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Good Day To Everyone!
Sorry for the delay, real life has had me busy and with the nice weather I have been out hunting "Dolmen" and Rock Structures! So now its time to share the new finds!
A quick side note "her" the one who shall not be named has discovered that I am giving these sites out freely and has come after me for doing this.
Lets not forget by her own words she was told by shamans to bring these sites to the western mind. Well she decided to sell it to us instead of presenting it! Which is illegal when you don't have a guide license (which she doesn't) and who knows how much unpaid money to the IRS too!
So its my mission to find and freely give out the locations to anyone who is curious about possible non-natural rock formations in Montana.
Back to the topic at hand, so after hiking many, many areas I have come to a theory of my own about what I am finding. Those findings can be broken into several categories which I will attempt to show here!
1) Dolmen (non-natural)
                  A)Dolmen (natural formation)
3) Standing Stones (non-natural)
A) Standing Stones (natural)
4) Rock Formation (non-natural
A) Rock Formation (natural)
So use this guide with the pictures below: 1A=Dolmen Natural etc..
First Up: Dolmen Natural and Possible Non-Natural


Here is the compilation of possible Dolmens found by me.
So, let me hear your thoughts! Natural or Not Natural???
Second we address standing stones or rock formations that appear not to be natural.
In my mind as I walk through these amazing Rock Castles some of the stones seem out of place and many leave the imagination to wonder!
Let me hear you ideas on these!

This is a very interesting site, standing stones with no large stones in the area.
When I used Stellarium I found that it points directly to the moon rising
on the spring equinox! Just like many other ancient markers in North America,
I.E. Serpent Mound.

This was a massive boulder seemingly being balanced by a center pivot point.

I believe this was another marker that  has fallen over.

This little path way seemed to have a pointer marker, the triangle stone sitting in front like a site of a gun!

3rd lets take a look at some amazing rock outcroppings. This can be amazing on there own. I find more evidence in the standing stones and rock formation for non-natural side. What's your opinion?



Here you go! Your all caught up with most of the locations and pictures I have taken!
If anyone is interested, I am happy to send you a .kmz file for Google Earth that will show you were to go! As it is though all of these are coming from a geological area called the Boulder Batholith, so Helena to Butte roughly. Search any of these areas and your bound to find some! Go looking and let me know what you find!
Thanks for following and I hope you enjoyed getting to see a lot of my pictures to date!

Remember to look me up on Twitter/YouTube/Instagram @HistoryShift!

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