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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Winter Wonderland or Death
So quick update, went out today looking at Dolmens and pulled
off the road just a little and BAM stuck deep! No cell service, 7 miles from town,
and -9 F out! Well I jump out of my SUV after trying to rock back and forth out
of my new whole and didn't notice the car was still in reverse! Well the safety feature of
the car is that if its in gear it locks the door automatically! So there I was, car running with
my poor dog inside roasting because the heat was on, and I'm miles from heat or help!
Normally the smart thing is to stay where you are. This was not an option for me. If I had
stayed where I was and waited for help I would have frozen solid before help could come.
So I decided since I was along a road I would start walking back into town.
I did this for two reasons. One, keeping moving was my best bet against hypothermia! Second, I knew there was some traffic in the area and figured better to meet them half way then to wait.
Well I made it a mile and was able to call for help, unfortunately for me nearest help was and hour away and I did not have that much time to wait. Then a little good karma came my way. An off duty sheriff was headed to a court hearing in another town and last minute he decided to take my road!
He was kind enough to take me to town where I got a tow truck and got unstuck!
Lesson learned folks! Always be prepared for everything, make sure people know where you are, never take risks!
Good hunting my friends!
Winter is coming, and well have to wait it out a bit!  

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