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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Welcome Back
To HistoryShift!
Thanks for coming back!
So as winter here in Montana has me stuck for now looking for Dolmens on Google Earth and marking locations to check out as soon as weather permits!
I have been working on The Brother's of The Serpent Podcasts now for awhile turning their audio recordings and the pictures they post into YouTube Video's. I am about half way through the 86 episodes they have already done to date! Keeps me busy in these cold days! I enjoy doing it and I hope they are happy with them, they can be a bit of work! lol
By the way if you haven't checked these guys out, you are missing out! They are by far the best and my favorite Podcasts out there! I've put their link in my section to the right! They do their homework, know what they are talking about and are funny to boot!
All is not lost! I have been working with a friend of mine who is a back packing guru and we are trying to locate a cave left by the Lewis and Clark expedition that supposedly holds Mason Secrets! Exciting right?!
Well we've narrowed it down to three possible locations and are going through the journals as we speak looking for clues to point us in the right direction.
If you have any information about this and are willing to share openly as I do with all my findings please contact me!
As with the Dolmens here in Montana, if you want any information on there location just ask away!
Here are the three main area's we will look into to, but my money is on Ross's Hole. Because the story I am chasing is that they split up near the fork of the Missouri. One went and meet with the local Native American tribe along the continental divide and together they hid the cash in a cave and the Natives were to protect it. Well cant turn down the adventure to chase this one down too! This summer promises to be full of adventure!
Sorry for the bad picture....
Thanks again all!

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