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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

1st Trip out hunting for Dolmen's in Montana!
Thanks Russ from "The Brothers of the Serpent Podcasts"
For turning me onto these.
So this was my first trip out looking for ancient megalithic structures called Dolmens
around the world. I am searching in central Montana right now.  I will be posting more on what a Dolmen actually is and on the geology of this area. It is an amazing, beautiful area. Especially in  winter! However I was ill prepared by what I found and where I wanted to go! All I had were boots and jeans, The snow was up to my knees. I didn't care, I was excited that I found what I was looking for that I trekked through till I was frozen! Next trip I've got my snow gear and snow shoes and plan a much extended expedition soon! Ill post what I find!
Thanks all!

Lots of snow and I wasn't able to get to the
 back and entrance for this possible "dolmen".

Close up of stone above two rocks from pic above.

Interesting looking stone, I noticed the different colors,
and natural crack making the face.

Close up of second "dolmen", again limited access.

Zoom out from picture above.

Interesting rock formation with center stone,
looks like some one put it there recently...

Close up from picture above.

Interesting standing stone, I will investigate more.

Picture showing natural fracturing that looks like stacked
boulders when your really seeing one stone.

Small out cove found, I show this because in a few thousand years
it will become, naturally a "dolmen"

Huge balancing stone!

And here is what it's balancing on! Very cool!

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