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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Welcome Back
To HistoryShift!
Thanks for coming back!
So as winter here in Montana has me stuck for now looking for Dolmens on Google Earth and marking locations to check out as soon as weather permits!
I have been working on The Brother's of The Serpent Podcasts now for awhile turning their audio recordings and the pictures they post into YouTube Video's. I am about half way through the 86 episodes they have already done to date! Keeps me busy in these cold days! I enjoy doing it and I hope they are happy with them, they can be a bit of work! lol
By the way if you haven't checked these guys out, you are missing out! They are by far the best and my favorite Podcasts out there! I've put their link in my section to the right! They do their homework, know what they are talking about and are funny to boot!
All is not lost! I have been working with a friend of mine who is a back packing guru and we are trying to locate a cave left by the Lewis and Clark expedition that supposedly holds Mason Secrets! Exciting right?!
Well we've narrowed it down to three possible locations and are going through the journals as we speak looking for clues to point us in the right direction.
If you have any information about this and are willing to share openly as I do with all my findings please contact me!
As with the Dolmens here in Montana, if you want any information on there location just ask away!
Here are the three main area's we will look into to, but my money is on Ross's Hole. Because the story I am chasing is that they split up near the fork of the Missouri. One went and meet with the local Native American tribe along the continental divide and together they hid the cash in a cave and the Natives were to protect it. Well cant turn down the adventure to chase this one down too! This summer promises to be full of adventure!
Sorry for the bad picture....
Thanks again all!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Winter Wonderland or Death
So quick update, went out today looking at Dolmens and pulled
off the road just a little and BAM stuck deep! No cell service, 7 miles from town,
and -9 F out! Well I jump out of my SUV after trying to rock back and forth out
of my new whole and didn't notice the car was still in reverse! Well the safety feature of
the car is that if its in gear it locks the door automatically! So there I was, car running with
my poor dog inside roasting because the heat was on, and I'm miles from heat or help!
Normally the smart thing is to stay where you are. This was not an option for me. If I had
stayed where I was and waited for help I would have frozen solid before help could come.
So I decided since I was along a road I would start walking back into town.
I did this for two reasons. One, keeping moving was my best bet against hypothermia! Second, I knew there was some traffic in the area and figured better to meet them half way then to wait.
Well I made it a mile and was able to call for help, unfortunately for me nearest help was and hour away and I did not have that much time to wait. Then a little good karma came my way. An off duty sheriff was headed to a court hearing in another town and last minute he decided to take my road!
He was kind enough to take me to town where I got a tow truck and got unstuck!
Lesson learned folks! Always be prepared for everything, make sure people know where you are, never take risks!
Good hunting my friends!
Winter is coming, and well have to wait it out a bit!  

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Second Scouting Tip Looking for
Dolmens in Mt.
And then we found them!
Close up. Could have been used in past for shelter or 
even winter storage. Will investigate further! 
 Little Farther Back...
Starting to see how it formed.
When you look back to the right you'll notice
a large fractured block of standing stone.
It is easy to see how one would fracture and fall
over easily. Looks very interesting will explore!
there was another one right behind this one! Picture to come
I also took some interesting pictures of places to explore!


Wednesday, February 13, 2019

I started to post and thought maybe I should at least introduce myself a little!
My name is Brandon, you might know me better as HistoryShift. I am on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube under that name. I have produced two videos so far on YouTube. They deal with the claims of the Richat Structure in Africa being Atlantis, my two short videos should help explain why. I also live up here in beautiful Montana with my wonderful family!
I am big into alternative, unknown, megalithic history. I had the great pleasure of meeting Graham Hancock, Randall Carlson, and Dr. Robert Schoch last year at the Earth Keeps convention in Little Rock. Besides the other great speakers the whole event sharply turned me into someone of interest to full on read anything I could get my hands on!
I met some amazing people down there they showed me great compassion as I was alone their names were Adam and Ashley! Adam is the host of Shamanic Philosophy Podcasts and on Instagram. He is switching to YouTube un WayFinder! Please look him up, he has an amazing take on life, spirituality, you name it! My reason for the big shout out to Adam is that without his help HistoryShift wouldn't exist! At the time I was going under another name and wasn't getting the responses I was hoping for. Adam and I were talking one night via txt and he came up with name! As he said "that's money right there" and I agreed! I loved the name, it fit my approach and the areas I wanted to expand my knowledge on, so again thank you Adam!
Adam is in the red shirt and was fixing Graham's computer!
As HistoryShift started to expand so did my contacts and conversations with everyone from TV hosts, Podcasters (is that a word), and people just like me! People who see the evidence of a lost history and cant understand why modern science seems to be fighting progress!? Anyways one of the contact I have made is Russ from "The Brothers of the Serpent Podcasts". We had some great conversations on Twitter and felt him to be a kindred spirit! We got talking and we agreed I would take there audio recordings from their podcasts and adapt it into a video to get published on YouTube! To date I have finished 30 episodes and have uploaded 20 or so to YouTube! Please go check these guys out they are amazing! This leads me to my current interest. Russ, asked me if I knew anything about the Megalithic Construction of "Dolmens" up here in Montana? I had not and  he sent me a website to go look at and I did with great interest! I couldn't believe these had been in my backyard so to speak for 30 odd years and I never noticed or knew about them.
So that leads to my local interest, finding and exploring these "structures" and sharing them withal of you! A little backstory, I contacted the person who claims to have discovered these with help of sacred Native American knowledge and she was told to bring these to light for the western world. You could not go on one of her trips unless she first: met with and approved of you, you signed a paper saying you would not tell anyone the locations or she would "out" you to the world (which if your giving out the location that threat is pointless), you had to pay her a fee (not a small amount) to go, and no cell phones or cameras with GPS's were allowed. I found this extremely hypocritical! She was told to show them to the world not sell them! I wonder what they think of her now?
My Picture for the record!
 So with what information I got from talking to her and her website I was able to track down some people who helped me locate them! One person I contacted was Jay Wakefield per my conversation with her. Jay had written an article and had put in one of her pictures, and she threatened to sue him over it. He was gratuitous enough to tell what he knew, he also sent me a copy of his article and his book, which is very good and deals with a lot of ancient Egypt! Thanks Jay!
That leads me to my posts I have put up! I have found the hidden dolmens, and have the GPS coordinates for two! As winter is upon me searching is very difficult. For know I am reduced to small hikes with snowshoes if the road is not closed at least, so I resort to studying up for the spring. I am reading about the geology of the area. I am also studying Dolmens found around the world to see if what we have up here is truly man made of just some magnificent natural structures. From the areas explored I have yet to find anything that is not naturally caused. I am hopeful and plan to detail all these sites, search for anything archaeological!
And of course telling all of you! These are on public land and belong to us all! Ok done ranting! Tell me what you'd like to hear from me about!
History is Shifting folks, were just along for the ride!

1st Trip out hunting for Dolmen's in Montana!
Thanks Russ from "The Brothers of the Serpent Podcasts"
For turning me onto these.
So this was my first trip out looking for ancient megalithic structures called Dolmens
around the world. I am searching in central Montana right now.  I will be posting more on what a Dolmen actually is and on the geology of this area. It is an amazing, beautiful area. Especially in  winter! However I was ill prepared by what I found and where I wanted to go! All I had were boots and jeans, The snow was up to my knees. I didn't care, I was excited that I found what I was looking for that I trekked through till I was frozen! Next trip I've got my snow gear and snow shoes and plan a much extended expedition soon! Ill post what I find!
Thanks all!

Lots of snow and I wasn't able to get to the
 back and entrance for this possible "dolmen".

Close up of stone above two rocks from pic above.

Interesting looking stone, I noticed the different colors,
and natural crack making the face.

Close up of second "dolmen", again limited access.

Zoom out from picture above.

Interesting rock formation with center stone,
looks like some one put it there recently...

Close up from picture above.

Interesting standing stone, I will investigate more.

Picture showing natural fracturing that looks like stacked
boulders when your really seeing one stone.

Small out cove found, I show this because in a few thousand years
it will become, naturally a "dolmen"

Huge balancing stone!

And here is what it's balancing on! Very cool!

Pictograph State Park
Billings, MT
Family trip to the state park. The pictographs were amazing
in the caves, but the Guardian was a surprise!

You can see two sets of pictographs. Older in black
paint and the newer in red pigment.

Found this "Guardian" just outside the state park.
you can see the face and there is a perfect circle cut out
behind his head.

These formation come from when this area was all an ocean bed,
the softer material slowly erodes away leaving these ball shaped rocks.