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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Happy Winter Solstice!
The Solstice is HERE!

This year I will be doing something new and exciting!
We are going to get up at 6:30am and head out to a spot below Boulder that could have Solstice alignments and we are going to test it, frozen but first hand!

It should be a amazing show either way! I will be setting up the tripod and camera directly in line with the feature as well as a capture camera strapped to it as well! 
Besides that I will be filming from my phone as well and hope to do a live stream on Instagram (if anyone is awake) so look out for that too! 

Like I said exciting stuff! So, where are we going? Ill show you!

These standing stones are believed to be markers or a compass. 
We are going to test that idea Saturday! 

This is a shot showing the area in questioned circled.

Here is its location if anyone wants to join us!

The exact location of this site is:
46:8:41.15 North
112:6:50.09 West

Hope to see you out there and can't wait to share what we find!

Thursday, December 5, 2019

So, per a kind request from Scott Wolters's wife Janet I took a trip to my local cathedral dedicated to St. Helena! Her day for alignment is May 21st. I got to take some great pictures and found some cool stuff along the way. The front door points at 297 degrees NW.
First the corner stone was placed in the North West corner implying a Masonic building. Also there are two statues that greet you, look at the hands flashing the M sign for Mary! Also there was this dove stained glass window and it had six circles around it, when I connected them it turned into a perfect pentagram! See if you can spot anything else! Definitely going back and spend a little more time exploring!




Saturday, November 30, 2019

I just got back from my conference in Little Rock, I shared this story on Face Book and wanted to share it here too! 

"So I thought it time to share my experience at the Earth Keepers conference Arklantis in Little Rock last weekend. I know you've been waiting for pictures too! lol
To say it was an enlightening adventure would be a gross understatement! I was there to meet and hang out with The Brothers of the Serpent Podcast, Snake Force! Russ and Kyle were wonderful to meet in person, finally! It's been a year after all! I also had the great pleasure of rooming with Brett England The Watcher! I think we got along swimmingly lol! His data base of knowledge was extremely impressive, and so was his open mind! 
I also had the great please of meeting Brenner Burgess and Archer Finley both long time Snake Bros as a bonus! These great guys both mad me feel welcomed and part of the group even though they have years of history and I was the new guy, so to speak. Though I never felt that way. 
Then of course we got to meet and talk with several of the presenters! First pic there is of yours truly with Scott Wolter and his lovely wife Janet! He shares a common interest in my study of the Dolmens and Megaliths up here, something I hope that continues in the future! 
Then we got to hang with the great, fantastic, brilliant Randall Carlson and Bradley Young! Both would constantly just blow your mind! Even his business card blew my mind! lol So the second picture is all of us having dinner at neat Mexican joint down the street! I wish everyone could have been there!
 The late night conversations were fantastic and I found that Randall and I share a love for old western movies and old horror movies, and that was the icing on the cake! I know this is getting long but I can't tell you how much I learned, and how much everyone made you feel at home, and that I'll not be forgetting! 
So the last two pics are Russ and Kyle with Randall and Bradley and the last picture is the whole SnakeForce with Randall and Bradley. From right to left Brett (The Watcher), SnakeBro Kyle, Brad, Randall, Archer (GMA), and of course SnakeBro Russ! Can't wait for the next chance and a BIG THANKYOU TO THE SNAKE BROS! You are the best! SNAKES!"

Hope you enjoyed my trip! Thanks!

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Hello again everybody! 
Not too much to share, been busy working on compiling and creating a series of YouTube Videos on The Boulder Batholith and it's contents! DUN DUn Dunnnnn! 

Anyways got a tip from my hiking buddies on location I had seen pictures of but never went looking for but wanted to find, well...
drum roll please....drrrrrrr…...
Found it! 
Sorry for the power lines in the shots but you can see how close the road this is! Just before Refrigerator Canyon!
So some say it resembles and eagle and formed to look this way by .......somebody, so do you think it was created and now just eroded away???
....hmmm, ya we thought so! 
Still very cool mountain to go explore! and I plan too! I also found and eye though the rock! Its coming up! 

So called "Eagle Mountain" But it like looking at pictures in clouds folks! 
Cave on lower section!

Hard to see but it has two levels. With multiple magmatic intrusions!

 Black run off from water. Either poop or a  fungus that is common on these rocks!

Interesting Spire, worth checking with drone.

 You can see the flowing magma still 80 million years later.

 Not sure here...going back for sure!

And then the eye opened up for me!

As you come around the corner, you start to see light....

And then it grows! Bam, it opens up!

It opens up into a huge area!

I'm going back! Expect more to come! 
Thanks and good hunting everyone!

Also I am now on Patreon!
Please click the link and help with our research into ancient megaliths! 
We need equipment and experts in certain fields to get to the bottom of these amazing rock structures!
Your support goes towards the actual exploration costs i.e. gas and equipment i.e. bear spray! 
So if you can give, we appreciate it, if not we understand and still love you!

G'night all!

P.S. Don't foregt to download your google earth file and start exploring and sharing!

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Google Earth file with Pictures and Locations Updated!

Location! Location! Location!
Geosculptures! Geosculptures! Geosculptures! New term!

That's the old saying at least, right? Especially when buying property. Property to use for houses, businesses, parks, farm land, cemetery's, you get the point. Land that is chosen and has been chosen for century's, was chosen for a reason! 

Mother Nature in all her glory and power and time has the same ideology. Let me explain. For example you don't expect to find desert animals living in the rain forest or vise versus! You pick the location best suited to your needs. 

Now we know, yes know that man has been present in the Boulder Batholith back as far as right before or after Clovis culture but no Clovis artifacts have been found in area to date. This is from and archeological dig done on North White Tail road just south of Boulder, Mt in 2017. I attended the lecture given by the lead archeologist on the site, we do have sort of close by The Ansik child, the only remaining body found to date of a Clovis ancestry was found here in Montana but at a different location, and that is for another day. 
Point being that we do not have any evidence what so ever of occupation going back any further because well beyond that it was the ICE AGE! lol we have to understand that this area was being effected by the ebb and flow of the glaciers. The glacial runoff, glacial damn breaking causing huge mage floods! This went on for roughly the next 40,000 years back prior to Clovis showing up.
So Montana wasn't the most hospital place back then, but at this point the Boulder and Idaho batholiths had already risen from the ground, covered in a magma/granite coating and were thrust through the crust of the earth and pushed to the surface 78-80,000,000 years before the last ice age. So to say that man who as to date has only been proven to be around for the last 180,000 years was the constructor of these amazing "geosculptures" (my term I'm using it for the first time here 10/23/19 lol) were already in place before we ever came along! Pushed, rocked, frozen, heated all of mother natures weapons were used here. Hell the Dinosaurs were the first to see these.

So the next question is do you believe in Aliens and Giants and Atlantis? We I do! lol Tricked you! However I do not believe any had anything to do with saying that these "Rock Castles" were "man" made! Could man have effected the way the stones were positioned or even helped in the formation of some of what we see today? OF COURSE and that is the red haring in the room folks.
We don't need aliens to build the pyramids in Egypt we certainly don't need them to move a few stones for us up here! lol
I guess my point is there is ALOT of other things to consider when trying to figure out these amazing geosculptures! So anyone claiming to have all the answers has either been abducted by aliens who took them back in time to know what they claim to know! It's lacking scientific research, morality, and common sense! I plan to help bring some that back!
I've said it many times and I will say it again, go explore and make up your own minds! do research, ask questions, always ask questions, and decide for yourself. There are lots of choices!
  • Mother Nature vs. Man
  • Mother Nature helps Man
  • Man helps Mother Nature
  • Its just Mother Nature
SEE, its not just a black and white issue there could be many explanations we just don't know yet! But were looking and will keep looking and sharing information!

So in that light of the nature of sharing, todays share is Strawberry Butte, South of East Helena (map below). I marked the spot to park, get out and go exploring! Lots of great stuff out there! Please come back and share! Also I updated the google earth file to include the Tizer Dolmen so, ENJOY!! I'll see you out there!
Just search Strawberry butte, its just a little east of that, on ridge over! Here are the GPS Coordinates:
46 - 27 - 52.41 N
111 - 54 - 15.46 W

As always please email me with anything I can be of help with! 
YouTube video coming soon!

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome EVERYONE!

I have some wonderful pictures to share with you all from my last hike out! Found a new spot I haven't been to before and was very interested in it!

Unfortunately we have to address somethings because people's minds are so closed off they resort to angry and threatening measures to anyone who doesn't agree with "them" I.E.  Bullying!

I want to make this abundantly clear! I am NOT out to ruin these sites by sharing what I've found, by myself without having to take a tour, to see these amazing rock formations! Thusly I never signed anything saying I would not release these sites (as insane as that sounds, it true) I simply used geology and went hiking, they were not hard to find! I also NEVER claimed to be the First to find them, they were just new to me! Oh and "Fred's House" was an inside joke with my father, thanks for doing your homework.

 But my rights to share these sites is called FREE SPEACH!

Ill ask once again, what's worse? A guide taking 10, 20, 30 + people to an area or 2 or 3 people exploring on their own? We don't start fires, we don't litter, we respect the land which is something I don't see when I am out hiking, unfortunately! I am constantly picking up trash left behind, I wont speculate on who left it because that wouldn't be fair, some is very old showing people have been coming here for decades. The point is when I go hiking I always leave it better than I found it! The answer is obvious. 
A sad example of taking repeated large numbers to an area over the years has been that a local plant species at one location and is native to that area has been reduced from their being hundreds of these plants to just a few remaining specimens in the last few years! So who's causing the damage? Lets not forget that all these sites are on PUBLIC LAND which means I can call a rock anything I want on my website! Free Speech! Because unlike some I am not out to make money off what I do, I do it because I love it! Satire! lol

On Face Book there were some ridiculous claims made that "they" found theses formations first and thus they own the site and names! Miners, Loggers, Ranchers, and all Montana's have been hunting, fishing, and hiking in this area for many years and thus saw them before! Not to mention the fact that this Boulder Batholith is 70-90 million years old! We know of human occupation because of an Archeological dig done on North White Tail Rd. last year that showed Indigenous Americans were in the area going back as far as 9,000 B.C. Prior to that we've got 40,000 years of ice age to deal with, another day. So being the first, hmm I think not, since "they" had to be told about them, I just went looking! lol 
So in short many, many people have been going by and enjoying these for many, many years before someone decided they were more important than the rest of Montana and tried to restrict access to public land, sad!

I take the use of public land very serious, because it is PUBLIC not private land! This means you cannot threaten or bully people just for posting a picture! This is unacceptable behavior!  
You cannot get this bad of a reputation around where I live without angering a lot of people and no one I have talked to has a high opinion of "them"! In fact, I got ran off a porch when asking to hike on their land because they thought I was with "them"! So I stick to Public Land only and share freely what I find and will continue to do so!

 I am open to others research and try to use as much information as possible before making a conclusion. That is how scientific progress works, not off the backs of one group but off the work of many groups! I am not opposed to working together to find the real answer but release what evidence "they" have for review, this is the next logical step in verification, peer review!

As for the recent accusations that reveling these spots to the world will destroy them! Ridicouls, they just don't want people to able to be able to go hiking without arsine rules and make up their own minds!

So here's what happened that was absolutely unacceptable behavior for any human, blindly attacking an innocent women on Face Book, just for showing off a picture her son took! Like any good mother would!
So one of the gentlemen I hiked with took a picture of one of the dolmens. His mother thinking it was a neat picture posted it on Face Book. No location, just a mother showing off a picture her son took. This was met with a terrible out lash from "another dolmen group" saying many terrible things about her! This goes to show a pattern of harassment and bullying that NO one should have to accept!
"They" need to make a public apology NOW!
Many people have reported to Face Book the harassment she received from this!

To address one claim, there were to many for now:

"On Face Book there were some claims made that "they" found theses formations first and thus "they" had rights to the site and names of the rocks! Let's thinks for a second prior to 2012 say...…. Miners, Loggers, Ranchers, and all Montana's have been hunting, fishing, and hiking in this area for many years and thus saw them before! Not to mention the fact that this Boulder Batholith is 70-90 million years old, so dinosaurs saw them first! lol 
We know of human occupation because of an Archeological dig done on North White Tail Rd. last year (2018) that showed Indigenous Americans were in the area going back as far as 9,000 B.C. did not find any evidence past that and, yes the did dig deeper. No Clovis found.
 Prior to that we've got 40,000 years of ice age to deal with, and that's a topic another day being under 2 miles of ice. So being the first, hmm I think not, and I just went looking! lol 
So in short many, many people have been going by and enjoying these for many, many years before someone decided they were more important and tried to restrict access to public land locations unless you paid, sad!

If you want more information please email me below and also the Google Earth File .kmz that you can down load has been updated and will continue to be updated and shared, forever!

Get your facts straight before attacking innocent people! As a parent I cannot stand any BULLYING, cyber or otherwise and will make reports!

Deeep breath...ahhhh ok.....
*Here's the thing, if you have all your licensees and are a trained guide then do what ever you want, charge whatever you want and do you own thing! More power to you! The fact that "they" refuse to follow the law and continue to misuse the land that belongs to every single one of us, well I find that to be the biggest threat to our National Forest, people who think they can just take with out contributing back! Value for value people!

If you want more information please email me below and also the Google Earth File .kmz that you can down load has been updated and will continue to be updated and shared, forever!

OK I promise no more drama...ON TO THE ROCKS!

Sorry for the long rant, but it needed saying! I am not out to start a war! I just want everyone to follow the same rules, and above all we have to share our information if we ever want to come to a sound conclusion. Lets put these to the test! Who knows what we might find! I would love to find something, and someday we might! 

Enjoy yesterdays pictures and make sure to download your copy of the Google Earth File below and go exploring! Let us know what you find! Ill update with new sites as I get them so check back!
Thanks for stopping by and putting up with me!

 Passing an old friend, hello! lol

Very interesting feature, hard to see but the block continue to left.
The discoloration of block of course drew my attention. I would love a 
geologists point of view on this! 
Appears to be weathered granite of a slightly different make up, see the similar color just down and to the right? Ill circle in next post. Very cool!

 Nice Picture of end of feature.
 Up close look at the face!

 Up close look at the face!
 Cant help but appreciate the symmetry!
 Front of Right Hand side of very interesting formation! It was set at the end of blocks all similar to the one big stone to the left!
 This is above and behind the feature.
You can see how the stone continue.
  This is above and behind the feature.

  This is above and behind the feature.

Stone Suspended in Feature.
 Behind, stone suspended in feature.
  Behind, stone suspended in feature.

Last but not least!
 See the face? Leave a comment and let me know!

Some definitely interesting find this trip and a big shout out to some new like minded friends to go hiking with!

See you next time! Peace!